Going Back to the Roots

Here is a copy of the pamphlet I keep in the salon! Enjoy! - Lara    


Fine Hair Guide

Fine haired peeps, this one goes out to you. Fine hair refers to the diameter of the strand. You can have very little fine hair, or lots of it. All of the info I am about to give would also work well with thicker hair, but with a few adaptations here and there, and larger… Continue reading Fine Hair Guide

The “Beautiful” world of Hairdressing

Hairdresser or Hair Stylist or Hair Artist, whatever you want to call them and no matter how you call them, the stereotypes and connotations around this industry are interesting. Superficial, shallow, stupid, bimbo, fake, bitchy. I personally have my own prejudices that I am trying to work through. I have often struggled within the community… Continue reading The “Beautiful” world of Hairdressing